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Brown 365 Club

Let's Stop Life Threatening Situations and Business Shut Downs

  • Do you trust your plumbing and HVAC systems?
  • Do you know the last time they were checked?
  • Do you trust who installed them?


There are few things worse than a plumbing or HVAC disaster. If your pipes freeze in the dead of winter and no one can get to you, or your heat goes out, it can be life threatening.

Or if you have a company, a plumbing or heating & cooling shutdown can bring your company’s operations to a complete halt, cancelling your cash flow and affecting your ability to pay your employees and yourself: Can you afford that?

You want it handled automatically, so you can enjoy your home or business with total peace of mind your building’s systems are tip top.

Solution: Our Brown 365 Club

The best way to handle expensive repairs and home or business shutdowns is to make sure they NEVER happen in the first place.

That’s where Brown Plumbing & Heating, family-owned and locally operated comes in.

We’re battle-tested and licensed, equipped with the latest tools and technology, ready to handle commercial, industrial and residential servicing & installations of ANY size, now.

And yes, we use the industry’s most trusted brands!

Our planned maintenance program ensures your plumbing and HVAC systems are tip top before the winter cold and summer heat, and also catches major issues BEFORE they happen!

How Brown 365 works:

  1. Twice a year, our expert technicians will come to your home and ensure your plumbing and HVAC systems are working as desired for the heating and cooling seasons.
  2. We clean, test and review using a best practice checklist to ensure everything is working EXACTLY as it should be.
  3. Further, we’ll deal directly with the manufacturer to make sure any discovered issues are solved ASAP. Because in the event there’s a warranty claim, we’ll be able to quickly give them the service history, the first thing they ask about, which we’ll be able to assure them has been done in EXACT accordance with the manual, ensuring the claim is honored.

This is how you never have to think about plumbing and HVAC again!

Want to make sure emergencies DON’T happen? Contact us today about our proactive, annual maintenance club: Brown 365.


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